Suicide Notes From The Underground

by Baylies Band

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cover by Andy Rego
computer graphic assistance by John Rego
No animals were harmed during the making of this record...lyrics;
Two prostitutes pled their case-at the feet of the lord of the land
which one was lying to his face- it was hard to understand
both birthed boys in a brothel- first mother said she's got mine instead
she snuffed my love by accident awful- I woke with a dead baby in my bed.
A soldier's sword was poised to strike- until the first mother cried
do unto me as you like- but do not harm the child
the second mother blew it- as the man resheathed his blade
she screamed kill it, do it! but the baby had been saved.
(King Soloman decreed- one half for each
you do the math- cut the baby in half)
(We commit this body to the earth, paying homage to the emperor worm,
let the feast begin.)
When the dirt is fresh- and my coffin new-
your looking up at me- going down on you-
when the dirt is fresh- and my coffin new-
the parents eat the grapes- children get the sour taste.
Cloaked in darkness and draped in sorrow- bathed in a cold light-
death wraps its clammy arms around you like a blanky
the center doesn't always hold
not everything that rises must converge.
Dress in black and wear a tie- look real nice when somebody dies
grandpa played piano- and he loved to paint
a world class bad ass- everything I aint
He had eight sons- he had two wives
it's a bastard world- with mixed up lies
my kin can't deal- coping with pain
numb with alcohol- burning in my brain
they got real drunk- they started to fight
knocked over the coffin- & I know it aint right.
My name's Bruce Perry- I've been dead a few years
listen to my story- it may move you to beers
I was upset- you know that I was abused
just a teenager- I was so confused
spare the child- and spoil the rod
my arms too short- to fuck with god
it's my funeral- now you're watching me
don't worry dad- the death shall set you free.
My name's Bruce Perry- I went to Voke with a gun
almost graduation- but I was all done
Jim Reddy tried to stop me- I said forget it
thought that he knew me- he just didn't get it
the bullet is flying- the question is posed
the target is answered- my casket is closed
it's my funeral- my moment of glory
that is my grave- and this is my story.
( Your steaming out of port- say goodbye to the land and love- you'll never see again.)
My ship is coming in at last- but it's two feet long and made of glass
and the sea is full of sticks and stones- flotsam and jetsam and sailor's bones
beware the devil and the deep blue dread- when the song of the sea gives up it's dead
I'm sucked beneath an oppressive tide- that burns me up and drowns me inside.
One day at sea and I'm losing my mind
looking for land- but there aint none to find
two days at sea and I'm stuck on a raft
Poseidon is angry- I'm caught in his trap
three days at sea- with no food or drink
I want to go home- I'm sunburned, I stink
four days at sea- and I'm stuck on a hurdle
the sharks can smell blood- and they're starting to circle
five days at sea- and I miss my mate
fishing for food- but now I am the bait
(five days at sea- adrift and alone
I wanna get laid- I need to get stoned)
six days at sea- my ship it has sunk
I'm going to die- and I'm not even drunk.
Inherit The Wind-
We are born and die of sin- when we're gone, inherit the wind
when my girlfriend leaves again- and I lost my only friend
love is dead my heart it sank- feeling numb my mind is blank
this is the legacy to my heirs- a half a joint, some empty beers.
Get real smashed & go for a ride-nothing says I love you like suicide
cry so hard I can't see the road- I feel like Christ carrying a load
so nail my ass to a cross- my own dad says it's no loss
work so hard I don't have shit- so pass that pipe and take a hit.
Geoffrey, put that down! You don't know where it's been
don't destroy what god created- it's a mortal sin
go wash your hands- and this time use some soap
I'm out of my tree- and at the end of my rope.
Children shouldn't play with, Children shouldn't play with
children shouldn't play with dead things.
Rivers running backwards- winds robbed of breath
sun stopped in it's tracks- the devil's cheating death
while tears they flow- and the dreams, they die
as the parents drink and their kids get high
I walk alone- while the city sleeps
with broken heart- through empty streets.
Playing Russian Roulette- aint no fun
when some false god- is loading the gun
pregnant thoughts- of suicide
are giving birth- to my demise
I stumble alone- while the city bleats
with broken heart- through empty streets.
They say that life- is a drinking game
play 'til you can't- remember your name
I feel a chill- and a nasty cough
I have to get home- and sleep this one off
I crawl alone- while the city bleeds
with broken heart- through drunken streets.
I found God- on a subway train
takin' the T- to avoid the rain
junkie Jesus- lookin' for a fix
scorin' dope- and suckin' dicks
I found God- in a paper cup
smelled like piss- but I drank it up
taste was strong- yet bittersweet
for what are we- but rotting meat.
And when the hemlock- begins to bloom
it fills the room- and spells your doom
I see you writhing- on the wall
like an angel- after the fall
when the godhead- blinks its eyes
some are born- and someone dies
tell me why- are we here
to work all week- and drink some beer.


released July 8, 1999

Jay Paiva: drugs and repercussions...Chris Campbell; guitar,,,
Eric Baylies: Bass,vocals, sitar on track # 1, moog on # 2,4,5 and 9,theremin on track # 2, 3 and 7.
all songs written and produced by Eric Baylies
mastered and engineered by Ron Poitras at Feedback Studios, Freetown, Ma.
guest players: Jeff Gobush: lap steel on # 6, Jude Alden: Vocals on # 5
Amber Pombo: violin on # 5, Poitras kids: vocals on # 7
Andy Rego: screaming on # 1 and 2
additional voices on # 1 : Suzanne Alden, Mike Almond, Erynn Jones, James Oulette, Rico Cleffi, Michael Ribeiro, Tasos (from Eurogression), Leo Nonaparte, Lou Gehrig, Mom Baylies, and Sara White.



all rights reserved


Baylies Band New Bedford, Massachusetts

noisy art rock...played our 20th anniversary show on 4-20 2014 at met café +Macauley Culkin's Pizza Underground...plyed shows with Lightning Bolt, 6 Finger Satellite, Arab On Radar, Onleyville Sound System,Chris Corsano, That 1 Guy,Godsmack, Staind, and pres candidate Ralph Nader. Played many Intl noise Conferences in Miiami, Voice Of The Valley fest in funkyjungle june19,psyreading 6-21 ... more

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