Risibility and Discourse

by Baylies Band

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lyrics; LET'S GET STABBED: let's get stabbed, it's the better part of valor, it's war without the glamour, who shall bear false witness, to the dustbin of history, we are like debris, from a planet that never formed, Oh, the inevitability of fate! NEW BEDFORD BOOK OF THE DEAD: If life is suffering, fresh salt for an old wound, an axial age, Pride goeth before a fall, progress and it's discontents, cognitive dissonance. Dependent Origination, impermanence of form, entwined- dying on the vine. Recrudescence, a nefarious debacle, a nadir of obfuscation. First among equals, dying city by the sea, New Bedford Book Of The Dead.
Danny Hays- lived in a shed-slept with dirty laundry- under his head
Joey backed over his stuff 1 night- you ran over my life!
Danny Hays- taught himself to drive- when his grandparents were still alive
11 years old, took them to Shaw's- drinking and driving and breaking laws.
Danny Hays-was stabbed in the chest-Bobby pulled the blade- out of his breast
an inch from death-or so he said- teenage pool hopping nearly made him dead.
Danny Hays- was a neighborhood joke- drunk like a fish- on a mountain of coke
have a keg party- with grandma home- come on now, let's smoke some bones!
Danny Hays- liked to start fights- passed out in a gutter- on cold winter nights
knock down signs- and whip fruit at trucks- he was just crazy- didn't give a fuck!
Danny Hays- has since moved away- haven't seen him now- forever and a day
he's born again, married, and a dad- but at least he's alive, and for that I'm glad.
Put the flowers in the trash- she's never coming back
you can't rape the willing- can't raise the dead
sapient to ride shotgun- or you can duck your head
we do a crooked line- to get to the straight dope.
Oh, how the fallen have fallen, Death, I hear you callin'
I'm gasping for breath and speaking in tongues
the liquid is salty and filling my lungs
as my head sinks below the waves, to an early, watery grave
ghosts scream on the radio, come on watch me die.
(cutting off a finger to save a hand- pissing on a drowning man
curing the ailment, by killing the patient- pissing on a drowning man
with your head in the sand and my life in your hands- pissing on a drowning man.
pissing on a drowning man, pissing on a drowning man.
Inside I'm dying- my queen is crying-
her makeup runs- and she crawls inside
we almost connected- with sex unprotected
she always wears black- and I missed my chance.
New Bedford is full of ghosts- where dreams go to die
so skin my hide- save my brain in formaldehyde
we are a hermaphrodite- separated before birth
the little girl next door- long live the new flesh.


released February 28, 2008

produced by Keith Sousa at Machines With Magnets, Providence
engineered by Dominic Panzarella
cover art by Andy Rego
Eric Baylies: bass, vocals, theremin on # 3, moog on # 1, 5, and 7
Henrry Chandanais: drums
Chris Campbell: guitar
thanks to Michael Esten of Miniwatt for extra guitar on # 2 and # 5
songs by Eric Baylies
released on 75orless Records



all rights reserved


Baylies Band New Bedford, Massachusetts

noisy art rock...played our 20th anniversary show on 4-20 2014 at met café +Macauley Culkin's Pizza Underground...plyed shows with Lightning Bolt, 6 Finger Satellite, Arab On Radar, Onleyville Sound System,Chris Corsano, That 1 Guy,Godsmack, Staind, and pres candidate Ralph Nader. Played many Intl noise Conferences in Miiami, Voice Of The Valley fest in WV.play funkyjungle june19,psyreading 6-21 ... more

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