Freudian Ears

by Baylies Band

You're Fresh 02:19


I'm paralyzed by logic
and hypnotized with fear
don't want to sound dramatical
but I know the end is near
so get up off the shelf
take me in your aisles
all business at the discotech
but bookshelves give me smiles.
Nature has been kind to me
and I'm fairly well read
delve into the classics
expect no answers from the dead
I know that when I wake up
the dream and you are gone
could have been so happy
where did I go wrong?
Screaming in the void
no one really hears
journey into madness
I haven't drank in years
the drugs are in my fabric
parcel of my rythym
where's my hot librarian
and her Dewey Decimal System?
Because ya fresh- your'e so stinkin' fresh
Because ya fresh- you think your'e the best
Because ya fresh- you don't impress
Because ya fresh- because ya fresh.
Because ya fresh- you look like Phil Lesh
Because ya fresh- exhibit bad behavior
Because ya fresh- you got your boyfriend at Savers
Because ya fresh- because ya fresh.
Ya fresh!
Because ya fresh- delusions of adequacy
Because ya fresh- your'e fancy schmancy
Because ya fresh- you don't enhance me
Because ya fresh, because ya fresh.
All you have is your beauty and your youth
and a strained relationship with the truth
searching around for the elephant in the room
turn around and the elephant is you.
Because ya fresh
Because ya fresh
Because ya...
Schizophrenic Valentine
I hope one day that you'll be mine.
If I had three wishes I'd plead for you
I wouldn't need the other two
It's always darkest 'fore the dawn
just before the love is gone.
I met her in the leaching field
I knew right then my fate was sealed
pointed questions get sharp rebukes
take off your glasses and put up your dukes.
Dialogue with you is like trying to drink an unopened beer
you elicit emotional shorthand
the past is a foreign country
they do things different there
I possess a working relationship with sanity
you don't know if your'e Combs or Hannity
you got Freudian ears
you only hear what your psychiatrist wants you to hear
Five will get ya 10
in the state pen
got the hoosegow weightroom blues
I'm playing at the news.
I'm morally dereft
socially tone deaf
out of my mind
robbed from the blind.
Nothing left to give
made a spoon to a shiv
doin' 25 ta life
got a nice prison wife.
Tell 'em how you like your dinner:
out of the can!
I hear the babies drowning
and unanswered prayers
milleniums of suffering
souls caught unawares
after the lengthy drought
there came a great deluge
a period of suffering
God with something to prove.
God made a covenant
a pact of no more floods
who would hold him to his word
when rivers ran with blood
if the rain shall fall again
and all the seas shall rise
seduction of the innocent
in the end- everybody dies.
God gave us rainbows- short life painful birth
God gave us rainbows- suffering on earth
God gave us rainbows- when the sky went black
God gave us rainbows- you can have 'em back.
Yeah it's true I've always been this handsome
oh, oh, I didn't see you standing there
so like I was saying
many years ago when I started the Eric Baylies Academy Of Dance
I had a bag of peanuts in my pocket
a sheet of acid and 25 cents
I had a mullet and a dream
the mullet is long gone but the dream remains.
Fashion mullet- elegance and style
Fashion mullet- we dance the extra mile
watch me dance now!
That's how the booty pop, booty pop, booty pop
that's how the booty pop, booty pop, booty pop.
People ask me- was it always this easy? Yeah
Man I made all that money, all that money
but I wasn't content
so I started the Handsome Boy Modelling School too
that made me a lot of money
now when I strut down the street
in my homemade shirt
I got 7 dollars in my pocket, 7 American dollars
not Canadian dollars, not Euros
and I feel so good, so fine
Fashion mullet- party on speed dial
Fashion mullet- love me for a little while
love me now!
Quit that braggin', quit that braggin' stuff
Quit that braggin', quit that braggin' stuff.


released December 20, 2019

Eric Baylies - vocals/sound fx, synthesizer
Adrian Greenbaum - lead guitar
KC Camacho - rhythm guitar
KC Goodwin - drums
Chris Devona - piano, synthesizers, strings
Mike Decosta - bass
The Legendary Rich Gilbert - guest guitarist on "Rainbows"

Recorded and mixed by Chris Devona
Mastered by Carl Saff
Artwork by Brendan Francis


all rights reserved



Baylies Band Providence, Rhode Island

noisy art rock...played 20th anniversary show on 4-20 2014 at met café +Macauley Culkin's Pizza Underground...played with Lightning Bolt, 6 Finger Satellite, Arab On Radar, OSS,Chris Corsano, That 1 Guy,Godsmack, Staind,Marc Rebillet and Ralph Nader. Eric toured w pere ubu n played w wire, shellac n messesthetics ( half fugazi) in 5 yrs playing in MINIBEAST w pete of mission of burma ... more

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